Pop Quiz

Given the rumors flying around about the Spangler Center, we asked:
If you were left $50m by an alum, what would you do?

“I would buy Robin King (NF) a beach house in Manchester, a ski house in Lake Tahoe, a chateau in France, a 60 ft. boat, and of course a jet so she can get around. Robin no longer has to wait for her Section-mates to make it big!” Ani Vartanian, NF

“Run for the NY Senate, er… oops. That’s not enough.”
Jonathan Tower, NA

“I would build a dining hall of epic proportions, with a Rice Bowl, a Cash Register and a whole banquet table for each student!!”
Jonathan Hodgson, NF

(1) Pay off student loans.
(2) Buy an island somewhere and build the “Sutherland Compound.”
(3) Go on a 2 week bender in Vegas.
(4) Sponsor the HBS Blades.
(5) Buy an off-the-shelf ERP system.
(not necessarily in that order)
Jason Sutherland, NF