Outside In: Harry Potter Samples the HBS Magic

Harry Potter, the world’s most famous boy-wizard wonder, recently visited the HBS campus under the disguise of his invisibility cloak. He was kind enough to provide the Harbus with an exclusive interview to discuss his observations.

Harbus: Mr. Potter, thank you for joining us. How did you enjoy your visit to our campus?

Harry: I enjoyed it immensely! This is a truly magical place! Reminded me a bit of Hogwarts.

Harbus: What did you find magical about HBS?

Harry: These students tend to be under a spell that keeps their arms up the majority of class. Quite extraordinary for muggles…I mean…for regular people without wizard-like powers.

Harbus: Ah, yes. I saw the film. What do you think about our class discussions?

Harry: There seems to be some powerful witchcraft going on here. Many classes have a person who writes down every spell they say, no matter how little sense it seems to make. Very impressive!

Harbus: What did you think of the student comments?

Harry: At times, I wish I could have lent some students my invisibility cloak when they were called upon unexpectedly in class and didn’t have anything comprehensible to say. Of course, there are other students who are more like my friend Hermione. They tend to have study group write-ups that are almost as long as the original cases!

Harbus: What do you think about the first year students?

Harry: I would like to understand how the Administration’s Sorting Hat puts them into their Sections. It appears many of these people have absolutely nothing in common-I would assume a mismatch! Oddly enough, they now seem to be under a powerful spell, because by now they think they are best friends and insist on spending all of their time together inside and outside of class. Quite peculiar!

Harbus: Anything else unusual?

Harry: I also thought it strange that, like a wizard’s wand, the seat appears to choose the student, and they don’t dare to move afterwards.

Harbus: What else did you observe at HBS?

Harry: People are addicted to e-mail! We could trim down the numbers of owls at Hogwarts if we had such impressive capabilities! I am going to recommend Headmaster Dumbledore develop my.hogwarts.uk to customize communication for each and every wizard student.

Harbus: Did you speak with any of the students?

Harry: Actually, I learned that in addition to my special gift communicating with snakes, I can also speak quite well with former Venture Capitalists and Investment Bankers. It seems that they possess certain serpent-like qualities. I had difficulty communicating with former Consultants. They spoke with very confusing spells, often stringing together series of words they considered magical, when in fact they seemed more Hocus Pocus.

Harbus: I see. Let’s move on to other aspects of your visit. Did you see any residence halls?

Harry: Yes, indeed! I used to think my room under the staircase at the Dursleys was small, but after seeing the size of Hamilton dorms, I realize I was pretty lucky!

Harbus: Would you consider enrolling at HBS? I’m sure you would have a very distinctive application.

Harry: No, thank you. It appears the job market is much better for dragon-hunting and owl-rearing than for MBAs right now.

Harbus: Thank you very much, Harry.

Outside In hopes to be back next semester with new celebrity interviews.