On-Campus Interview Series: A Three-Sport Titan

Cara ‘Shorty’ Shortsleeve (NF) is a lot of things that are easy to see: feisty, humorous, potty-mouthed and red-haired. However, she’s also uncommonly modest, which means it’s less easy to see the true sporting story behind this week’s featured athlete. Born, bred and educated in Massachusetts replica breitling, Cara Shortsleeve has played Soccer, Lacrosse and Ice Hockey at high levels. In fact, she played the latter two of these as an All-American.

While Cara stridently denies that elegance and sporting violence are mutually exclusive, Harbus caught up with her to hear more about her experiences in violent college sports, ironically played in the elegant surrounds of Williams College, MA.

Fact File: Cara Shortsleeve
Height: A looming 5 feet 5 inches
Weight: A hulking 125 pounds
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red, and au naturel too (as are my freckles)
Marital Status replica watches uk: Very single
Favorite Food: Italian food
Favorite Drink: Corona
Favorite Film: Office Space
Favorite Band: Garth Brooks
Nicknames: Shorty, Sleeve
How Acquired Nicknames: Imaginative variants on my surname

Harbus: What sports do you play competitively?

Cara Shortsleeve: Just Ice Hockey at HBS, but I also played Lacrosse and Soccer at college.

Harbus: What positions do you play?

CS: In hockey, I play center. In lacrosse, I play attack. In soccer, I play striker. Basically, all positions where you can score.

Harbus: How did you get into all of these sports?

CS: My older brother has three little sisters, and he made a deal with my parents. They wouldn’t send us back (to heaven) if we played all the same sports as he did. So that’s how I got into hockey, baseball and so on.

Harbus: How did your career progress towards towards being a double All-American?

CS: In elementary school, I played all three sports in town sides. At high school, I played them all, but in high school leagues. When I got to Williams, I focused on ice hockey and lacrosse. My team went further in Lacrosse – twice we made the national finals, and both times lost to the College of New Jersey in double overtime. So, I have two second place trophies and no diamond ring. It’s [censored].

Harbus: What is your best moment in sport to date?

CS: Each time we went to the NCAA, I scored the goal that took us into overtime (but obviously I didn’t score enough goals, because we didn’t win).

Harbus: What about your worst moment?

CS: I was ejected from a hockey game for fighting. Someone was picking on me because I was smaller than her and she hit me from behind. So I came up swinging. I missed the next game due to suspension. All this is funny, because I’m so bashful in real life. That being said, it did feel good to hit her. She was a [censored]. She deserved it.

Harbus: What has been your best moment away from competitive sport?

CS: I graduated to become a proud member of the Section F IM football team, which is a fine collection of athletes.

Harbus: What about an embarrassing moment?

CS: Forgetting to take my skate guards off before going onto the ice, and falling on my [censored]. This has happened to me more times than I’d care to admit.

Harbus: What are you playing at the moment?

CS: I play with the Lady Blades Ice Hockey team, because so far the women’s lacrosse team is me and Dan Gilbane (ND).

Harbus: How is the season going so far?

CS: Great. It’s a lot of fun. There are really cool girls on the team. The hockey player I most look up to, Dave Phillips (NF), is running the club next year – and we’re all psyched to go to the Vegas tournament.

Harbus: What do you do with your spare time when you’re not playing Ice Hockey?

CS: I’m trying to learn basketball, and we’ve entered the 3-on-3 competition. I don’t spend much time reading cases. Instead, I spend that time distracting others from reading cases. I’ve also had my share of Scorpion Bowl races at the Kong.

Harbus: What’s the greatest challenge of being an athlete at HBS?

CS: No problem.

Harbus: What one last tip would you give to aspiring HBS athletes?

CS: Never challenge Chris Griffith (NJ) or Chris Long (NJ) to a boat race.

Harbus: Great. Thank you for your time.

CS: You’re welcome