OH-Graduation Reflections

When asked to reflect on HBS, here are some things that OH had to say…

Question: What’s your funniest or fondest Section H memory?

Leonard Sussenbach: Only one? Aahh, can I have two, please, please, 1) the Costa Rica group throwing one of the most memorable, alcohol invested, 80-s rock songs driven parties of my life, ask Jaime he can tell you all about it. 2) Singing songs in the grille just after our last class before the winter break.

Amanda Renteria: Watching Max and Russ pass an orange at the Section BBQ. Cheering on our Sectionmates – HBS Show, Singing, B-Plan Contest, IMs, and of course, Scorpion Bowls!

Brett Merritt: I have many funny memories such as: Josh Jarrett wearing my wife’s robe during some late night drinks, everyone singing and dancing at Jake Ivory’s, and 8 members of section H having a four-wheeler race through the back roads of the Dominican Republic. All were good times…

Carolyn Wolff: A pregnant Chris Bardon dancing up a storm in full disco regalia at the Austin Powers party.

Ari Haseotes: When Dave Schlendorf yelled “It’s the Harvard Men’s Hockey Team!!” as they walked by during Vaunted Madness. He then quickly hid behind everyone so as not to be seen- and this guy’s going to work for the FBI- real comforting.

Iljun Jang: Two memories: 1) When my computer crashed during the Korea presentation – twice. I was thinking, “Oh this is soooo my life.” 2) When Josh started telling jokes to stall the crowd after the section video quit playing. His jokes were pretty good – and I guess the whole situation (“this is soooo my life”) were so surreal, hilarious and endearing.

Catherine Rucker: Watching our professors react to the end of semester skits in which Sectionmates portrayed them, and dancing all together after Holidazzle skits while all the other Sections flooded out into the hotel.

Troy Phillips: Funniest: John Berger shaking hands and getting his picture taken with the president of the UAW. Fondest: Late last year when Liz Chirpich and few other girls made and brought a lemon cake to Red Line at one of our section dinners. Given my professed love for lemon cake, I was touched.

Amy Rabinowitz: Samir doing the izzy dizzy and the last day of first semester, singing “Its All Lead”.

Jim Galovan: Ari describing Thanksgiving at his house. Weekly skydeck awards.

Lisa Jacobs: End of 2nd semester skits – Robert Kimmel playing Warren McFarland, and end of first semester skits/song to Rakesh.

Min Zhang: Among the questions you ask, there is one that I can answer without thought. The fondest, also the most touching memory for me is the baby shower thrown by the section gals. What a surprise! And how sweet! Those are some of the most precious memories that will never fade.

Russ DeMartino: Collectively knowing that there are such smart, energetic, hardworking, and great people going out into the business world that I can call friends.

Question: What advice would you give to New H for their second year?

Leonard Sussenbach: Don’t take any advice from people of old age 🙂

Amanda Renteria: Enjoy it – It’s all you’ve got left of section H!!

Walter Delph: Take it easy. Don’t get stressed out! It’s just business school.

Brett Merritt: Realize that time flies and take advantage of getting together as often as possible. I think our section did a great job of that, and those will be the memories and relationships we take with us.

Carolyn Wolff: Make the effort to spend time with your section.

Ari Haseotes: Keep in touch with your sectionmates throughout the EC, and don’t take anything too seriously.

Catherine Rucker: Make time for the Section. Everyone fragments second year – you want to maintain a Section bond.

Troy Phillips: Start the job search process early and don’t get discouraged.

Max Yacoub: Don’t stress, be happy. It will all work out. Only do what you want to do and what will make you happy.

Jim Galovan: Enjoy! Focus on the great people you have all around you. Go out to lunch and dinner with people, attend as many section events as you can – and play lots of golf. Don’t study too hard…

Eric Hiller: Investigate every kind of field you can (non-profit, consulting, banking, ops, entrepreneurship, etc.) Start CLOSING doors and focus. IF you work hard you can get a job in almost ANY field, but you have to concentrate on 1 or 2 fields max. Do what you want to do. That is a glib saying in most places that is hard to execute. At HBS, you have the network and resources to actually get into any field you want. Spend time finding your calling and then go after it.

Sarah Kim: Don’t lose steam second year-keep making the effort to develop good relationships with people.

Walter Delph: Take it easy. Don’t get stressed out! It’s just business school.

Darren Jackson: Field Study and travel!

Chris Knop: Attend the section pub nights, and enjoy HBS while it lasts.

Barry Gittleman: Enjoy your time at HBS as much as possible, don’t take anything too seriously (schoolwork, finding a job, or yourself included), and focus on friendships over all else while here (you’ll remember those long after you’ve forgotten the cases).