OB's Got Its MOJO Back!

Who can stop Section OB? After a performance which was simply stunning – yet stunningly simple in its execution – no-one is any closer to knowing the answer.

Relentless in their pursuit of the ball and relentless in their use of it, they produced a master class as they continue to not only re-write the record books but smash them.

This cruise to victory equaled England’s 5-1 demolition of Germany in the World Cup Qualifiers. This result will send shockwaves through the rest of the IM Soccer League.

There are times in football when you just have to sit back and admire.

An insatiable hunger for honors drives all great sides and this OB side can be classed in that bracket.

This side didn’t just control the match, they stamped their authority on it from the start with the hallmark of champions. If OB did need to send a defiant warning to the rest of HBS this result has done just that – ‘Very Sexy Football’ is the battlecry.

When the OB team-sheet was pinned up in the home dressing room, the OF players must have smiled. No David Miller, no Luis Galindo-Morales, no Wakana Tanaka, no Vlad Artamonov, no Craig Chapman. But in this mood, OB didn’t need reinforcements, let alone any performance enhancing contraptions from Sweden.

To open their account, Anna Mallett caught the OF midfield cold and released Seth Meisel who kept his composure and provided a measured cut-back to Alex Young who had the simple task of side-footing the ball past the OF keeper.

OB are just making everything look sexy right now. It was fast and furious, OF couldn’t get the ball back. With no possession and OF constantly being embarrassed, OB were rampant.

Nic Minbiole didn’t have to make a save until blocking at the feet of OF’s striker five minutes before the break. That wasn’t the prelude for more home attacks though as OB killed off any lingering thoughts of a OF comeback just one minute 17 seconds after the re-start with a typical classy counter-attack.

It began with a cushioned header from the majestic Phil Kaufman on the edge of his own box and ended with Claudio Knizek’s ball splitting open the visitors’ rearguard and Alex Young causing more embarrassment for the OF defense. Out of position and out paced, the OF defenders tackled thin air before Alex Young nonchalantly flicked the ball underneath the OF keeper.

As for Minbiole, he remained a spectator and didn’t have to a shot to save on target until nine minutes from time – and that a mis-hit effort from Derek Aframe.

But there was never likely to be a grandstand finish and Manuel Medina finished the job, lashing the ball home after a superb threaded ball by Taylor Margis-Noguera found the home defense in disarray once more.
Maintaining momentum and sustaining ambition are not always easy in the wake of a double win but with OB, still awaiting the return of key performers, it is difficult to see how they can be stopped right now.

Quote of the day (Mark Crowther): ‘This is one of the outstanding performances of my career. I am still hopeful we can go through the rest of the season unbeaten’ – a frightening thought!

Press: Very sexy football.

Moment of the match: When Alex Young rose majestically into the air to head home Seth Meisel’s throw in on the touchline, leaving the OF keeper standing like a dummy early in the second half.

Man of the match: Alex Young. Scored a double hat-trick and frightened the hell out of OF and looks the complete striker. Although any outfield OB player would be worthy of the accolade.

Moan of the match: Nothing to moan about after watching this sexy performance. Unless you are an OF fan of course.

Chant of the match: “OBs got its MOJO back”. OB fans belted this one out from the half-hour. They knew the game was won.

Insider question: How Derek Mendez could conceivably have considered OB celibate. Two rampant victories by the end of September have ended that delusion.