OB – The Legend Lives On

So much has happened to our section over the summer, besides NB becoming OB. The sexy soccer coach, Mark Crowther, announced that he and his wife Ernestine are expecting their first child. We also faired pretty well in matters of the heart: Jennifer Fung, Jill Botwick, David Thacker, Seth Meisel, and Phil Kerr all got married (to different people) and Kate Hartwell got engaged. Although, unfortunately, I must report that there were more break ups than make-ups this summer. But I won’t go into details… Sitting in Aldrich 108 watching skydecks on our first day back, however, there was a strange feeling that nothing has changed at all. We are still CLUB B and this is our house.

Back in Aldrich these last few weeks, it has been heartening to hear that the legend that is Club B has been thoroughly infiltrated amongst first years. It is my understanding that many of those same first years, hungry for more info, have already searched the back issues of the Harbus trying to get a small glimpse of insight into our section so that they can to try to ascertain how they might live up to the lofty standards we began setting this time last year. For the rest of the first years who haven’t realized how daunting of a task it will be to compete with the living legend of Club B, we have put together a list of the TOP TEN MOMENTS IN CLUB B’S FIRST YEAR.

1. Finding out that Mark Bradshaw was our FRC prof.

2. Vermont’s finest came to our condo the weekend of Club B’s ski trip to personally welcome us to Killington.

3. After several ghostly attempts, Vlad Artamonov jumped out of the closet, literally, during Finance 2 scaring Prof. Froot.

4. On the last day of first semester, Club B, true to its name, held a dance party in the pit.

5. Seat Switch Day #1:

a. Edrienne Brandon as Vivake Bhalla sneaking in late with coffee, a newspaper, and a bag from the Coop.

b. John Stone as Claudio Knizek-nuff said.

c. Taylor Margis-Noguera as GE enthusiast Jim Ettamarna- “Monkey-that’s not the phrase of the day-I just like saying monkey.”

6. John Shepherd serenaded the lovely Prof. Alfaro during class.

7. Tucker Bailey in response to a sectionmate’s comment: “You’re WRONG!”

8. Seat Switch Day #2:

a. PK as Nic Minbiole showing that sexy bod during class

b. “Kate” and “John” (aka Kim Kyles and Vivake) singing “Section Love”

9. Our “Cool as Ice” Finance I professor admitting how much he actually likes our section-especially when compared to that other section he taught…

10. The Club B End of the Year Boat Cruise-I would tell you more, but what happened on the boat, stays on the boat.

Best of luck to NB and the rest of the RC sections as they strive to reach the astronomically high standards set by Club B.