NJ goes skiing

If I got a penny for every time someone asked me if NJ had really been skiing, I would probably have at least three cents by now.

And as I predicted, the brutal course of section love took its toll in the spring break. One day it was there, and the next day it was still there, and so on, until about the fourth day when it all went wildly wrong.

So I went up to Fito Criado and in a most tactful manner explained that time will heal the broken heart. The pain of his short yet intense liaison was obvious as he stared at me, blankly, as if in dream of what could have been. Then I learned that I had got the wrong man so I went to Cedric instead.

But then Dana Soiman suggested a novel approach. “Why tell him that time heals broken hearts ?” she said. “Why don’t you just let the poor bastard suffer and burn from within ?”.
So I began to think – why is Dana being so antagonistic to Cedric ? And then it hit me – a bolt of lightning. I was taken to Mt. Auburn hospital with mild burns to my left upper arm. The doctor said I was fortunate to have escaped with minor injuries and must be a lucky person. I have to stop writing now lest I have more self-revelations as I think further.