NI Enters Soccer Hall of Fame

(Allston – HU Sports Press). The good young boys and girl from the bunker at ALD 10 saw the light again last Tuesday, with a solid 8-4 victory over OF in the Intersection finals, becoming the 2001 champions. “This has been a great season, we started out pretty loose and ended up playing like a real team” was said after the final game. In its last game, the team combined nice play and touch to open the scoring after 55 seconds. The second goal came soon after. OF played long balls from the back, reaching the NI goal throughout the entire game. The NI team enjoyed the presence of Laura Hontoria, Sylvain Santamarta, Amit Patel, Andy Klump, Wael Sawan, Jorge O’Hara, Julian Swearengin, Jason Price, Brandt Pyles, Steve Pozatek, Rishi Mirchandani, Onche Ugbabe, Stephen Thomas, Carlos Parizotto, and Martin Lange. Last but not least, Section I shared the game from the outside, with songs and cheering. The Championship has come to an end, the winter is approaching, but the celebration will continue! All those in favor, “SAY I”!

Editors Note: As a diehard fan of OF soccer I must admit NI played a great game. However, I will add one thought . . . . beginners luck! Good job on a great season OF!! JW