NHL Withdrawal?

The Lady Blades are on a winning streak! The HBS Women’s Ice Hockey team won their first two games against undergraduate teams. First, they beat Smith on November 14th with a 3 to 1 victory, and this past Sunday, they beat Wheaton, 6 to 3.

Lady Blades co-captain, Cara Shortsleeve (OF), who is a maverick center player, not unlike Wayne Gretsky, seemed to effortlessly skate around the opposition and provided much ammunition in the form of pucks flying into the net. Sarah Molloy (OD), is the type of co-captain like Mark Messier, a well-rounded versatile team player (she prefers to play defense but is equally talented as a center), simply someone the team can trust to get to job done. The third co-captain, Ling Shao (OC) packs a fiery punch of energy and competitiveness to the team leading best by example, like the “Russian rocket” Pavel Bure.

The three musketeers’ leadership is complimented by the team’s offensive wings. Returning for a second season is Amanda Nesmith (OG) who gives it her all. Fearless Aussie Sharyn Efimoff’s (OJ) and fearsome Cori Ermler’s (OC) spirits are unbeatable; they both joined this year for the sheer pleasure of learning to play hockey. The team’s two RC recruits are Kristin Verdian (NB), who heads straight to the opposition’s net and Justine Lalonde (NJ) who has shown a lot of perseverance on defense, perhaps at times out of desperation, but that’s the game.

Honorable mention to HBS’ extended family team members: duo on defense, Molloy’s sister, Meg, and partner Dolly Bross; veteran forward players Pam French (partner) and Amy Mitchell (partner); goaltender Bea El-Hage, daughter of FIN2 professor, Nabil El-Hage, and all our other teammates and coaches who join us from outside of HBS. Our next game is on January 28th, 2005 at MIT.