News in Brief

Student Fills Up Spangler Project Room with Notes, Self-Importance
In an all-too-common event, an HBS student was recently spotted taking up an entire project room in Spangler all to herself. The room provided ample room to fit the student’s overabundant notes, cases, and sense of entitlement.

“It’s true that the Spangler project rooms were originally designed to fit between six – ten people at once,” said an anonymous member of the Operations staff, “We not only paid close attention to the architectural design of the rooms, but we also outfitted them with the latest state-of-the-art telecommunications systems, ergonomic chairs, and flat-screen displays: perfect for facilitating brainstorming sessions for a group of students.”

“Apparently, they’re also perfect for facilitating the over-sized egos of certain individual students who feel that they deserve to take up an entire project room when other students with legitimate meeting needs are forced to instead meet in a small broom-closet in the OWA parking garage.”

Administration Warns Students Against Plagiarism
As a stern warning to students against the dangers of plagiarism, the HBS administration recently released a guide on the precise citation rules required of students. The guide is 32-pages long, which is approximately 30.5 pages longer than the total amount of writing HBS students actually need to submit during the entire course of their MBA academic careers.

The e-mail note accompanying the Citation Guide also sternly cautioned against “self-plagiarism, which is basically submitting the same paper for different courses.” (Badaracco, Joseph, “Plagiarism.” To “Undisclosed-Recipient:;”, October 26, 2004.).

“Oh man, am I glad I got that e-mail before final exams!” exclaimed one relieved EC (Student, Anonymous. Interview by Author. Boston, MA, October 28, 2004.) “I mean, my original plan for finals was to submit the exact same response for the TMP, Moral Leader, International Finance, and Business Marketing exams, as well as my Career Self Assessment paper, which were all just going to be copies of my application essays anyway. Man, that was a close one!”

Reminder from UHS Cumnock:
Cold and flu season is here. Since we won’t be giving out flu shots this year, the only bit of desperate advice we can give is to remind you that properly washing your hands might reduce your chances of becoming ill. We would also recommend that you consume higher-than normal quantities of chicken soup, and don’t go ice-skating naked on the Charles River. If anyone coughs near you, immediately eliminate them from the tribe. (10/25/04) remove

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