News in Brief

Real Property Leads to Real Destruction of Real Property
(Aldrich 9) The newly renovated Aldrich classrooms were not prepared for the onslaught of EC students attempting to enroll in the fall’s most popular course, Real Property. “I know that the class is quadruple over-subscribed, but I’m not going to let that stop me!” proclaimed Sam Hendricks. Hendricks was among the 200+ student crowd lined up outside Aldrich 8 an hour before class on Tuesday, and one of several dozen who showed up wearing boxing gloves.

As soon as the previous class ended, all chaos broke out. Students stampeded into the room, crawling over the backs of classmates in order to get a seat. Five students trampled in the doorway sustained serious injuries – and two students were only trying to escape from the previous class. Fights broke out over seats, and at least six chairs were destroyed in the process.

Further, once the room filled to seating capacity, students filed between the rows rather than standing in the back of the room. While attempting to get a better view of professor Segel, four students in the worm deck were crushed against their desks and also had to seek medical attention.

In nearby RC classrooms, many students found that their chairs had disappeared, leading officials to believe that EC students may have decided that the best way to get a seat in Real Property is to bring your own. HBS Security has been called in for next week’s classes and will be carrying tear gas.