News from the House of D

After weeks of intense interviewing, improvising cold calls, and blizzards, September cohorts finally got their much-anticipated and well-deserved Spring Break. In fact, Section D was geared up for the break on our final day of class. Kristine Dugan showed up in a cowboy hat that gave away her plans for the next week. Guillaume Jabalot opted for his aviation hat and gloves (don’t ask me why he owns them) while Bilge Bahar demonstrated under the sea intentions as she brought along her scuba diving gear. And then there were the boys of Cabos: Brad Campbell, Patrick Hudson, Andrew Oxtoby, Hans Erickson, Brian Davis, Michael Paley, and others-decked out in Hawaiian-style vacation shirts, Mexican-style hats, and even shorts-letting us know they were headed for sun and fun in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The hard-earned trip, cleverly won at an open auction when Bradley Campbell led the D-force to the The Pompe Foundation ball, had finally come to fruition as the House of D moved to Cabo Wabo for Spring Break. Fifteen guys, three wives, two gals, and one Section A-er made this House a Casa. Apparently Mike Dobbs (NA), now an honorary D member, knows where the party is, as he hung out with the Ds throughout Spring Break. While what happened in Cabos stays in Cabos, we did hear rumors of football on the sand and in the ocean, four-wheel driving on the beach and balloon hats creating a carnival-like atmosphere one night. We also know the House of D can take Survivor on any day. We’re counting 21 tunas and 1 maki caught during that week. Did anyone get voted off the island? Not even the boys of Cabos decked out in heels and wigs for a pseudo-Priscilla Ball night could make this close-knit group split apart. (And believe me, our guys do not make pretty women!)
We can’t help but have this close, united community. After all, we boast 3 Josh’s, 2 Jacques, 2 Pats, 2 Andrews, 2 Brians, 2 Gregs, 2 Bretts and a Brent, and 2 Michaels and a Mickey. Of course, there is only one Fernando Siquiera-although the Professors seem to have forgotten that fact given the way he keeps getting cold-called in class! Twice in one day, again on another, and a couple more times to keep him on his toes post-Spring Break, Fernando proves that you aren’t immune even from the lofty Skydeck. In the meantime, Brett gets cold-called for “looking normal” which makes us question how the rest of us really appear, and Miguel shows he doesn’t need cold calls to state his personal belief that the Portugese are better at everything (This is a PERSONAL belief.)
And now, one last plug. (Would you expect anything else from me given that the show is THIS WEEK??!!)

Top 10 reasons to come see the HBS Show:
10. The House of D has representation in EVERY aspect of the show!!
9. Learn why Nadia Boulos gets along so well with those January cohorts
8. Hear Imran Ahmed speak in a different accent (or is it this Canadian’s TRUE accent coming through?)
7. See Mickey Konson’s film debut
6. Notice what Pebbles Vadakan can get business school students to do with her choreography
5. Discover why Augusto Moronta should drop this whole business thing to become a rock star
4. View the impact of Christiana Voskarides’ behind-the-scenes work
3. See what Christiana convinced Adam Samuelsson to do behind-the-scenes
2. Realize why Ryan Kim is the most important person in the show (OK, we’ll tell you-he shines the lights on us)
1. Find out why Sonya Brown has been leaving husband Brent home alone at night