News from the House of D

We know what it’s like when Ds are out on the town. You get the likes of Linda Cai stopping traffic in Harvard Square just to get that Beetle, Hans Eriksson with his parents in tow, and, at opportune times, Brian Davis taking a dive off that bridge in less frigid weather. Who’s to say this isn’t a D-stinctive group? So, with such D-finitive spirit out and about, we’re sure you’re wondering—what’s it like when the Ds are in the House?
OK, maybe you don’t care, but we’ll tell you anyways. Class in the House of D is never boring. How can it be when Miguel Pita constantly speaks about those “sexy numbers” and Imran Amed mentions a “juicy business?” For Pat Jamin, it’s all about his own personal numbers—ones you won’t find in the case, but Pat will insist they exist elsewhere. If you want the case numbers, just ask Jen Guzman to cite some exhibits. Numbers aside, it seems that “slippery slope,” “two-pronged approach,” and Rafael’s “shhh!” have become a regular part of our classroom vocabulary. Just don’t ask Barry Horgan to go down that slippery slope.
You’d think that such an environment would easily hold people’s interest. But when Linda Cai mentions “Bloomingdales” instead of Bloomberg and Pancho Malmierca says “saloon” instead of “salon,” one does wonder what really goes through D minds during class. Keri Devon is probably lamenting her old Skydeck seat now that she’s front and center. Nitya Bhat is likely considering whether he can work a three-pronged approach into his next comment. Hans Eriksson might still be wondering how that career services guy knew he wears Brut! Of course, everyone pays attention when Brendon Dibella takes the floor as Sue Krokonis. You don’t see a navy man talk about “facing that beauty challenge” with hair care products everyday! Even though we knew he was role-playing when he called Iowa the “cultural center of the universe,” his natural tendencies surfaced when Brendon/Sue compared winning over salons to winning a war.

Now for news of Ds on the town. The women of D gathered together for a champagne and dessert function, with cases of champagne supplied from having the highest attendance at the WSA conference! Somehow, Hans Eriksson managed to work himself into the female-populated event. The other men of D decided to have their own beer and chips event while the women enjoyed their wine. Meanwhile, Guillaume Jabalot decided to respond to these outings with his own exclusive gathering for the Frenchmen of D. We hear he and Pat Jamin shared caviar. Further on the international front, Aparna Piramal was joined by JD Dhaliwal for a presentation on India that coincided nicely with studying the country in BGIE. The section also gathered together for a Black History Month presentation led by Tjada D’oyen and Beverly Ross. The soul food drew us in—the great discussion and second helpings made us stay.
On the sports front, Ds are ruling the basketball league with ND1 boasting an undefeated 5-0 record in the A league! Even a blizzard couldn’t keep our boys down Tuesday night—but the Doctoral team failed to show. It must be because rumors of the force of D are spreading. With the legendary shot blocking of the Ox and “Mr. Defense” Brad Campbell, NJ failed to make their mark against the relentless Ds. We’d like to say close game, but at 79-18, sorry NJ. Coach Rich Jennings and Greg “Three Point” Tobias led the HOD to similar victories against OH, OB, and NB. Even the staff is not exempt from the force of D, not with Mike “I thought we were playing Rugby” Paley and the Sheriff, aka Andrew “No Knees” Taylor. The excitement is added by the cheering fans, turning out for Will “The Thrill” Clark and Brian Davis—the “BIG man inside.” It seems that when the Ds are a force to be reckoned with, fearful competitors target the team captain. Last term, volleyball all-star Marcus Lo was “taken out” and sported crutches for two months. This term, basketball all-star Rich Jennings is using those crutches. Is Tonya Harding a student here?
On the arts front, we have more reason to plug the HBS show. Augusto Moronta will be showing off his electric guitar skills in the band. Christiana Voskarides has joined the production side. Honorary HOD member Sonya Brown (NI) is also dancing in the show. Add this to leading lady Nadia Boulos, leading man Imran Amed, video star Mickey Konson, and shameless plugger and choreographer Pebbles Vadakan, and you’ve got Ds all over this entertainment extravaganza. What greater reason to come see the HBS show? Tickets are on sale now! Go! Buy! Watch! Enjoy!