News from the Hive

As the EC year starts, the first of the changes is apparent right away-appending “O” before the section letter, rather than “N.” The section gang started getting together a day or two before the section reunions, and there was a gathering at David Wygant’s moontower as well.

The Hive bore a new naked look, as all the Bees were missing from the walls, as were the flags. However the buzz of activity soon filled the room as everyone was busy catching up on how the summer went. The goatee gang is quickly returning, with Ajay and David both sporting one. Horace Fusco has grown, as has original section baby Nate Byington. Hugh got married, and Alan Chang got engaged. OB also took the lead in welcoming the class of 2003, with all co-chairs for the orientation, Jill, Ipsita, and Trisha, being our own Bees.

The highlight of the reunion definitely was the section video, painstakingly put together by Beau and Todd. It took us all down memory lane, brought together some candid moments, and helped the Hive relive the phenomenal time that was first year. RC Profs’ comments provided moments of High Comedy (special mention to the Finance Faculty), while the “Pimp” sketch and the “Juice” parody provided something for the low and middle brows. The Section regrouped at the Peoples’ Republik later that night for drinks, but showed its advancing years as everyone left well before closing.

The Bees continue to travel “in swarms,” with some huddling together in EC classes. Reportedly among the top picks are classes taught by First-Year favorites Frances and Elon, both of whom got ample coverage in the section video, as did their twins Todd and Roland.

Join the Bees in wishing our girl from Mars a happy birthday-yes, Minnie has invaded our planet for yet another year!