New Market Information Resources at Baker Library

Do you need background on an industry or product for a business plan? Looking for an overview of e-Procurement for a Supply Chain Paper? Reuters Business Insight (// may be just the ticket. Browse reports in energy, consumer goods, finance, healthcare, or technology or search by keyword. Recent reports address Customer Relationship Management in the financial services industry, the Italian energy market, green energy, branding healthy foods and other topics. Each report is about 50-75 pages and available in PDF format. Based on quantitative and qualitative primary data, Reuters’ industry experts present valuable analysis, giving a clear picture of the size and growth of markets, the competitive arena, trends and issues affecting the marketplace, and future forecasts.

Jupiter’s Media Metrix (// has also recently become available to HBS through Baker Library. Media Metrix provides data on Internet traffic for the United States and several other countries throughout the world. Data can be used for decisions on mergers and acquisitions, online advertising placement and competitive intelligence. Media Metrix data can be used to get a demographic profile of an internet property, compare audiences of two or more websites, or determine the most popular websites of a demographic group. One can even determine where visitors to a particular site came from and went to next.

These two resources complement each other nicely. You can read a report entitled “Advertising Medicines and Providing Health Information on the Internet” in Reuters and then compare the demographics of healthcare websites on Media Metrix.

Andrea Schulman is a staff member at Baker Library