New Club on Campus!

Can you name the largest industry in the world in terms of economic weight, investments, job creation, and fun? Can you think of better perks from future employers than free hotels, airline tickets, and new resort opening galas? If you are interested in any of these…
The answer is “hospitality and travel” and a new club at HBS offers opportunities to explore this often ignored, but very fun, industry. Co-Presidents Nikki Germany (OF) and Meg Brod (OE) founded the Hospitality & Travel Industry Club (HTIC) after they realized that there was a lot of interest on campus but there was no coordinated way of mobilizing this interest.

Club members are already at work inviting industry speakers to campus. You might be surprised to learn how many HBS alum are big names in this industry – people like Leo Mullin, Chairman and CEO of Delta Air Lines and Barry Sternlicht (Chairman and CEO of Starwood Hotels and Resorts. In addition, a number of current HBS students have previously worked in the industry, and the club will also be holding student-led events.
Specific areas of concentration are airlines, hotels, and resort development. Other areas such as tour operators, eco-tourism, and electronic and mobile commerce may be covered depending on interest from members. A partnership with career services will focus on an outreach program to encourage targeted companies to recruit at HBS. In the current market, this can only be good for all of us!

If you’re interested in finding out more – or if you’re just really excited about the exotic destinations and fantastic discounts that come with careers in this industry, visit the HTIC at the Club Fair or email Nikki or Meg. First mixer is scheduled for late September or early October. Stay tuned.