NE 0 – 0 NC

In a potential playoff preview, NE battled NC to a scoreless tie. Fresh from their TOM midterm experience, players from both sides were in a “testy” mood. As a result, the pace of the game was slowed by physical play, (not to mention NC’s frequent invoking of the offside call.) Despite all this, both teams showcased why they are moving on to the postseason.

NE’s roster included a number of first-time players: Manu Tessone, Mandissa Quick, and Mani Srinivasan all provided tantalizing glimpses of their immense talent. NE’s regulars also had to rely on their cross-functional skills: John Knoch filled in admirably as goalie for NE, stopping numerous point-blank shots on goal. On offense, NE’s offense was revitalized by the return of star striker Brian Doherty.

While generally accepted accounting principles would maintain the game was deadlocked at zero, NE management believes pro-forma accounting paints a more useful picture for Harbus readers. Specifically, if the game was played “as if” there were no goalies and an impartial ref, NE would have prevailed 6-4. NE management believes readers should focus on these pro forma results as they are better reflection of athletic reality.

Furthermore, focusing on pro forma result will allow readers to reach accurate conclusions as to the likely outcome a possible playoff NE-NC rematch…