More babies and the Birth of a Squash Champ

For those of you who missed last Monday’s final of the first annual Section C Squash Tournament (and that would just about be all but two of you), let me say you missed a fabulous demonstration of quickness, agility and how annoying Leo Letelier Pimstein can be as a score announcer.

The final was a classic battle between democracy and socialism, between the black, gold and green and the blue, white and red, between jerk chicken and coq au vin, between Craig Mahfood and Vincent Cobee.
The first game of the best-of-five match was perhaps a portent of things to come. Game 1 went 9-2 to Craig and found Vincent winded and taking a long swig of water during the break. Craig used the break to practice his backhand and responded to Vincent’s offer of water with, “I’m okay for now.”

The next two games proved to be fascinating if you are heavily interested in French cursing. Despite a strong start by Vincent in Game 2 (“FOUR-ONE!” – Leo) and some heavily partisan cheering on the part of the crowd (“Allez! Allez!” – Sergio Gutierrez), Craig swept the final two games, 9-4 and 9-5.

Asked afterwards how he felt, Vincent replied, “Sweaty.”
As the two competitors shook hands at the end, Craig was asked who his toughest competitor during the tournament was, replying, “Oh, definitely Arturo.”

Congratulations to both Craig and Vincent and thanks to Sergio for organizing! In other news, congratulations are in order for Aaron and Marleta Ross who introduced 9 lb. 10 oz. 22-in. Justin Aaron Ross into the world on February 21. According to the new mom, not only is he a big boy, Justin, at 11 days old, already weighed 10 lb. 3 oz. and measured 23 in. long. For those of you numerically challenged, I did a quick calculation and at his current rate of growth, Justin will be approximately 6’4” and 220 lb. by his first birthday. Go Justin!

Best wishes also to Quang Nguyen who got engaged a while back, to Cam and Jen Dyer who are expecting their first child this summer and to Sergio and Carolina who welcomed their second son into the family on January 7.

Many of you have seen his e-mail, but I’d like to give a personal plug to Gary Binford’s tax preparation service. It may have sounded like a funny proposition at first, but he’s fast, accurate and not afraid to ask the tough questions (“Why the heck are you turning down a job that pays you that much??”).

Hope you all have a great spring break. Take lots of pictures!