Love Glossary

There are so many slang words related to dating in the US. I have conducted some research and put together a useful glossary. (definitions may vary depending on individual’s interpretation)

Relationship statuses

* Friends with privileges: these two have a no attachments, purely sexual relationship

* Friends with the hope of privileges: situation where one (usually the guy) hangs around hoping for a moment of weakness from his/her friend, who probably hangs out with this person for the attention they get from them

* Going out: two people having a casual relationship; not necessarily exclusive

* Dating: two people going on multiple dates, usually refers to an exclusive relationship but still casual and non-committal

* Seeing: two people seriously having an exclusive relationship


* Hook-up: can be from kissing to having sex; usually occurs during parties when both parties are severely intoxicated

* The shutdown: the hookup attempt with a shut down, followed by weirdness.

* One night stand: two strangers having sex for the first and only time