Ladies of Section C Soon to Outnumber Men!

(Aldrich 10) – Okay, maybe not officially, but this little growth phenomenon is definitely worth mentioning. The ladies of Section C recently hosted this year’s first Ladies Only event, a wine and cheese night at One Western Ave. So why are the Gents of Section C so proud of them? Easy, because they were nice enough to look beyond the boundaries of Aldrich 10 and expand the Section Women’s Event to include all of our partners as well.

It may not seem like a big deal, but for the partners, feeling like they are part of the Section experience can be a pretty important thing. So what are people writing to our beloved event organizer, Mikey Fradin?
From the ladies: “Let me say on behalf of all the other partner-girls that we soooo appreciate being invited. To me, personally, it means a great deal to get to know the people that my partner spends so many hours with. Especially women.”

And from the gents in Sec C: “You gals were great in including my wife. She had a wonderful time meeting you all.”

And “…even if my wife can’t [make it] I’m sure just the invite will go a long way to making her feel involved. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the thoughtfulness.”

And “Thanks so much for getting my wife out of the house. Now I can finally focus on what really counts, cases!” Okay, so I made that last one up.

So Mikey, what motivated you to throw this together? “I wanted to do this because the people in our section are really important to me. Their partners play a big role in their lives and therefore, I thought it was equally important to get to know the partners. I have enjoyed getting to know the Sec C partners, they are a group of fantastic women and I am very excited that they are part of our section.”

Due to such positive response, the next Sec C (pronounced “sexy”) Ladies event is already on for next week. Wine and Cheese Part Deux – Monday Night Madness. Other events in the works include movie nights, Sunday brunches, and spa visits. Damn, makes me want to be a woman. So all you other sections out there, listen to the good word. Don’t forget the partners!