Jobs, Anyone?

Well, the Froggies are looking pretty harried post Hell-week. At a time when we have such incredible educational resources available to us, it is indeed a shame that we need to spend so much time deciding between job offers. Ninety-two percent of us came out with multiple offers, and now there are so many variables to consider: do we take the job that pays the most, puts us on track for future career plans, or enables us to stay with spouses/ significant others? Yes, it is enough to keep one awake at night.

Many of us may end up spending the summer in New Zealand or China. We understand that there is a great need in both of these countries for tour guides. New Zealand native Steven Carden and China natives Tina Zhang and Donghao Yang have given up their Wednesday lunches to help teach us the basics of their countries so that we will be able to make it as tour guides. It’s great to see the HBS network, or, as Pinar Fazlioglu would stress, the F network, at work for all of us so early on.
Personally, I can’t complain. My alma mater’s career services website for alums shows a babysitting position paying $350/week-sounds like a salary that’s hard to beat and it may even be tax free!

The women of F got together recently at Dune Thorne’s for a cheese fondue dinner. Let’s just say things got pretty hot. Thanks for hosting, Dune, and I hope your place has recovered! A few bottles of wine later, we crashed the men’s night out at Karim Hutson’s house. We all thought it was so clever of the F men to stop whatever fun thing they were actually doing at the last minute before we arrived in order to dive in front of the TV, so that we found them engaged in the stereotypically male activity of sports-watching when we walked in the door. Well done!