Jensen (NI) and Khan (ND) elected SA co-presidents

Last Thursday Annemarie Jensen (NI) and Salman Khan (ND) were elected as the new SA co-presidents. In an election characterized by a high turnout rate of 71%, Jensen and Khan defeated the opposing presidential slate of Catherine Rucker (NH) and Brian Wheelan (ND). The margin of victory was not released.

Speaking after the results, Jensen described the first priority of the new co-presidents as raising the awareness of the SA amongst the general HBS population. Jensen and Khan campaigned on issues such as leveraging the collective buying power of HBS students, closer interaction amongst the sections and with other graduate schools, and more services for HBS students.

Previously, Jensen has served on the SA housing committee. Khan has worked with SA ventures and served on the SA academic committee.
Additionally, Jennifer Wilson (NI) was elected unopposed as CFO. Heidi Brooks (NE), Jonathan Lischke (NG), Jo Navarro (NK), Pinar Fazlioglu (NF), and Tony Lewis (NJ) were elected unopposed as the Social Committee.

Outgoing SA co-president Lori Schock (OD) said she was “delighted with election turnout and the results,” and that “both pairs of co-presidential candidates ran excellent campaigns.”