Jans Seize Power in Harbus Coup D'Etat

Michael Echenberg (Managing Editor), Sanjay Singhvi (Humor Editor), James Campbell (Arts Editor), Rob Alford (News Editor), Andrew Boer (Features Editor), A. J. Plotkin (Viewpoint Editor), and Kim Scott (Sports Editor) look forward to a summer that transforms the HBS campus into a subject worthy of a triptych by Netherlandish master Hieronymus Bosch.
We became involved because we are committed to making the summer semester be fully and completely about the enjoyment and lust for life of the January cohort of the class of 2002. As controversial as it may be, we have made the command decision to exclude the weaker cohort from the pages of The Harbus for the next three months. No columns from sections A through G. No Uncle Jordy. No Auntie Sam. No Septembers. Period.
Maybe we’ll let them back in in the fall. Maybe not. After all, they left us out of the newspaper for the first half of this school year. (Vengeance is a dish best served cold.)
Au revoir les Septembres!

We want to fill the pages with articles and photographs that glorify the January way of life. We invite you to submit anything that you think would be of interest to your fellow Januaries.

(Note that as this article went to press, we had no sports editor. So we chose Kim Scott at random. We know that she’ll add immeasurably to the newspaper and we welcome her heartily.)