It's All About Section "E"

Way back at the beginning of the year, we were told that a Harbus tradition is to write a piece just about our sections: a great opportunity to inform and enlighten others as to the happenings of the various RC clans.

So, if you always wanted to be in New E, but, uh, aren’t, here are some random facts, figures, and charming trivia about NE’s first-semester highlights:

Woof, der it is
Other sections have their fleeces and t-shirts, which, by themselves, are fine for spirit-amateurs. However, NE decided to take things to a new level and purchase its own mascot: the E-Dawg. It kicks butt. If you’ve been to one of NE’s spectacular athletic victories, then perhaps you have seen it, growling and proud, cheering on E from the side-lines. The E-Dawg is also a big proponent of tough-love, giving grim prognoses at said athletic events when applicable. He also makes useful appearances at parties, extending proverbial olive-branches of peace to passers-by and law-enforcement officers. Also, his tail is sexy!

Same Names
The fact that so many of our section-mates have similar-sounding names creates mad-cap hilarity when professors don’t enunciate when they call on someone, especially profressors that speak really quickly and pronounce their names really quickly while scanning the room and avoiding eye-contact, and no one really knows who’s being called on.

Lyse, Elise and Lisa; Mani and Manu; Jeremy and Geremy; Ryan and Brian (2 each); a pair of Daves/Steves/Jasons and a trio of Chris-es; Maiko and Michael; Reid and Rita; Anjali and Angeliki; Keat and Kian.
Ok, so maybe it’s not so mad-cap, nor hilarious, there have been many instances of a “Oh crap! Did I just get cold called? Oh no! What do I do?” look turning into a “Oh – he meant the OTHER guy with my name: WHEW!!!” look. Cute!

In a coordination effort that would make any TOM professor weep with joy, Section E coordinated a massive operation to buy tickets for the Priscilla ball. Careful calculations and logistical plans were established.

Watches were synchronized. Members of the section arrived at 5 am to hold places in line, and were then relieved of their duties on an hourly shift basis. It paid off: everyone that wanted to go was able to, and almost the entire section went to the pre-party.

The entire evening was a blast, though it’s completely unclear what, exactly, the $110 admission fee actually paid for. Not that NE doesn’t love cold pizza and roast beef sandwiches or anything, we got lotsa love for many foodstuffs! No matter – plenty of effective future blackmail material was assembled, and that’s surely priceless enough.

Graffitti Party
Our “Pub Pup” admirably fulfilled his duties by hosting a “Graffitti Party.” Don’t know what a graffiti party is? Here’s the scoop: you show up in a white t-shirt, bring a marker, and write all over everyone else, while they write on you. You can write whatever you want! Doodles! Poetry in foreign languages! Declarations of love, or of smart-assery! Also, there may or may not be drinking involved. Of an acrobatic nature. Of a “delicately balancing upside-down on a keg” nature. Good times, though some livers/stomachs (2 of ’em) didn’t live up to their full potential.

Pajama Party
This is the same thing as a Graffiti party, but with different attire. Kindly note, however, that while the *clothes* are different, the inclusion of a *keg* is the same. Kegs for consistency! Because too much organizational change at once is stressful.

Other Accomplishments
In addition to its other profound contributions to the campus, Section E can also add “Best cold-call avoidance, ever” to its list of accomplishments. During the Barilla pasta case:

Prof: “Well, pasta’s Italian…so I thought we would start off today with an Italian-American member of the section… Jim Bonetti.”

Jim Bonetti: “Bonetti’s not Italian! It’s…it’s…Irish!”
Evasive procedure successful. Cold-call deflected to someone else. Awesome.

Wes Whitman can sing. Really. And play the guitar. Really! And he wrote a song about Section E! And here it is:!

It’s All About Section “E”

When I walk into class and I see all the faces, Tired from reading all those crazy cases, I think . . . it must be Friday.

After many long nights and not much sleep, Struggling through Finance and FRC, It’s that . . . time a day, put your books away, Get ready for sky-decks, and everybody say . . .

CHORUS: Section E, Won’t you Sing with me, It’s Friday, it’s yours and my day, To take a break, relax, and be free; Singing . . . La, La, La, La . . . La, La, La, La, La, Dee, Dee . . . . IT’S ALL ABOUT SECTION E!

How many times have you tried to hide, Behind your laptop, when you’re feeling scared inside, That the cold call . . . is coming straight to you!
And how many times have you been surprised, When you woke up looking straight at the professor’s eyes You dozed off, it’s true, but it’s Friday . . . What can you do! So sing with me . . .

Other sections in school seem to think that they’re cool, And while cool they may be, They ain’t as cool as Section E.

We got our own eDog, we got a pub pup too, And we wake up saying “What would Home Depot Do!” Aldrich 12 – is the only place for me! Singing . .

This song was prepared as a basis for class amusement and is fully intended to illustrate the inside humor and outward enthusiasm that Section E expresses each day, especially on Fridays.

Copyright (c) 2003 by Weston Whitman, Section E, Harvard Business School. This song has no affiliation whatsoever, but will hopefully appeal to the Presidents and Fellows of Harvard College, or at the very least, to the cherished members of Section E, Class of 2005.