Italian Flare at Its Best

Prezza is fabulous! Their food is some of the best I’ve had in Boston. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed coming here for a most delicious meal and a memorable evening with three of our friends.

The environment is precise, well lit, and congenial. The dark wood of the bar and the stone tiled floor are accented nicely by crisp white linen tablecloths and chic modern oil paintings that are hung on brilliant white walls. This restaurant has Milan’s fashionable flare and taste with all the roomy comfort of an American restaurant.

The appetizer list is enormous–especially since you can order any of the pastas as a primo. To give you an idea behind the creative mind of chef/owner, Anthony Caturano, let me list a few: Crisp Shrimp wrapped in shredded phyllo dough with Italian slaw and cherry pepper aioli; Beef Carpaccio with smashed capers, arugula, virgin olive oil and eight year old balsamic; or, Sweet Pea Ravioli with parmigiano cheese and prosciutto. As for me and one other person, we both ordered the Herbed Ricotta Ravioli with braised veal and frisee to share with our spouses. Our fifth person got a bite from each of us.

For dinner, I ordered the Wood grilled Leg of Lamb with roasted sweet potato, bacon tossed haricot vert and red wine sauce; Kevin got the Seared Scallops, crispy cod cake, seared ramps and braised onions; Matt and Jen both ordered the Breaded Veal Cutlet with polenta, broccoli rabe and roquefort cream; and Mark got the Wood grilled Sirloin, mashed potato, grilled spring vidalia onions and roasted portobella.

All the entr‚es looked wonderful. My lamb was cooked perfectly–the wood grill gave it a sensual taste. The roasted sweet potato was sweet and flavorsome–each bite seemed to melt away in my mouth. I would have loved another serving of those! Kevin’s scallops were enormous–in fact, they’re the biggest scallops I’ve ever seen. The veal cutlet and sirloin looked delicious and those eating them tell me that each was cooked to perfection and accented nicely by the other items on the plate.

Of course I wanted dessert, and Kevin’s a good sport as he always splits one with me. Everyone else went with coffee though despite a dessert list that seemed a mile long. I ordered the recommended Chocolate Souffl‚ with crŠme anglaise and bittersweet chocolate sauce–Mmm was it good! We devoured it in minutes. Others have told me that the CrŠme Br–l‚e is also a tasty bite.

We had a terrific evening while dining at Prezza. The food is wonderful, the wine list is extensive with offerings from California as well as Italy, and the wait staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend it!