Inside the Senate

What is the Student Services Committee?
The Student Services Committee works to improve the quality of campus life with respect to health care, food service, campus security, recycling efforts, on-campus dry cleaning, and Shad. It is one of 10 committees within the SA, and meets once or twice a month. The Committee consists of 5-8 section senators, and representatives from HBS Operations, Student Life, and Food Services (see box):

What are some improvements the Student Services Committee has helped make happen?

 Additional prescription drug coverage
 Online tool for reserving conference rooms in Spangler
 Increased campus security by limiting access to Spangler and Aldrich after 9 p.m.
 Availability of lunch items at Aldrich coffee cart
 Broader menu in the Spangler Grille, including fresh fish, veal, burritos, etc.
 Expansion of salad bar items in the Spangler Food Court
 Crimson Cash marketing plan to improve speed of service at Spangler dining halls
 Greater number of cable television channels available in Spangler Grille
 Recycling receptacles for each classroom in Aldrich

What initiatives is the Student Services Committee currently working on?
 Creating easier access to Cumnock Health Clinic appointments
 Obtaining a stamp vending machine and after-hours mail drop in the Spangler post office
 Obtaining storage space for student clubs
 Increasing the amount of free weights and cardio equipment in Shad

How can I contact the Student Services Committee, or submit a suggestion?
To submit a suggestion to Student Services Committee, simply contact your section senator, or send an email to one of the Student Services Committee co-chairs, Kevin Mohr (OI) or Kyra Danilchick (OF).