Infernal Rate of Return:

The HBS Show Staff returned from spring break today to release the long awaited title for this year’s extravaganza production. While the Show’s theme and many details remain shrouded in mystery, Infernal Rate of Return promises to live up to its 29-year history of wit and irreverence.

Traditionally, the content of the HBS Show satirizes life at Harvard Business School. Familiar targets include the recruiting process, the case method, professors, and occasionally the administration. In addition, popular case protagonists often make cameo appearances.

Nevertheless, cast and crew remain tight-lipped about details. “All we can say is that this year the writers have outdone themselves. This script really captures the ironies of life at B-School,” comments Director Christina Aragon (OI). “If you’re not laughing to the point of tears, then I can only assume that you sold your sense of humor along with your soul when you applied to HBS,” adds Executive Producer Ruby Kam (NA).
Cast and crew also return today to resume a grueling schedule of rehearsals. With only three weeks remaining to polish the act, efforts will intensify to perfect every aspect of the performance. More than 60 very talented actors, singers, dancers, and musicians selected from among the students and partners of the MBA classes of 2002 and 2003 began practicing more than two months ago to begin character development and basic choreography.

“The Devil is in the details. It takes a lot of work to bring this show to such a professional level on such a tight schedule,” notes actor Taylor Margis-Noguera (NB).

Work indeed. Cast members will work around the clock, upwards of eight hours a day, seven days a week to prepare for April 17th’s opening night. “Considering baseline academic requirements, and, for most, an on-going job search, the requirements are challenging,” says Aragon, “but the cast is motivated and very talented; their effort will be apparent on stage.”

Meanwhile, the production staff undergoes an equally demanding schedule to transform Burden Auditorium into a functional theatre with professional staging, lighting, and sound equipment. Working nights and weekends, Production Manager Jonathan Mendelson’s (OJ) crew designs and builds the entire set from scratch. Their spectacular craftsmanship ultimately sets the tone for the entire production and has historically provided a solid foundation for the Show’s success. Help is always welcome, and those still interested in joining this year’s crew should contact Jonathan at