I Won the Match!

Section I easily defeated Section K 4-0 to capture the January cohort World Cup last Wednesday afternoon. Avenging an earlier loss to Section K, Section I scored the dramatic upset on the strength of three goa ls from Jason Rapp and one goal by Jason Fox. Sydney Cheung in goal secured the shutout for Section I. Although Sydney made several nice plays, his primary

responsibility was to stay awake, as K could only muster one or two legitimate scoring threats against the suffocating Section I defense.

The match was evenly played for the first fifteen minutes as both sides struggled with the stifling heat. Section I scored their first goal on a highly questionable call against Professor Huw Pill. Pill made a clean tackle in the penalty box, only to be whistled for a foul. The referee placed the ball for a penalty kick and Jason Fox slotted the ball into the back of the goal for a 1-0 lead.

The second goal wasn’t far behind. A clever player claiming to be Janet Greer’s boyfriend lofted a cross from the right side that found a streaking Jason Rapp on the left goalpost for a 2-0 lead. Although K allowed Section I to recruit one ringer to close the talent gap that was glaringly obvious in the first game, K’s investigative reporting squad has discovered that this ringer claiming to be Janet Greer’s boyfriend doesn’t show up on Janet’s class card under the “Partner” section [sour grapes, Nick? (ed.)]. This discrepancy will most likely disqualify him from the rubber match.

Not content to sit on a two-goal lead, Andras Petery corralled a loose ball in the K penalty box and dished it to Jason Rapp for a commanding 3-0 lead. Rapp later put Section I up 4-0 with his third goal of the match. I honestly don’t remember how the last goal happened – the goals started to blend together after awhile.

Although the defeat left Section K stunned and momentarily humbled, both squads are anxiously awaiting the rubber match of this three-game series.

In the semi-finals, Section I trounced Section J 6-0 and Section K defeated a strong Section H squad 5-3.