I goes Bahamas……………

I probably should have been suspicious when I realized that only three women from the section were going. I should have been more suspicious when I found out that none of the SO’s of the men on the trip were coming along. And, I should have known what I was getting myself into when one of the guys in my section said to me before leaving, “So, are you going to chase [that’s the radio-edited version] 18-year olds, too?” Instead, I naively got on the plane and ended up at Nassau’s Marriott Crystal Palace with 14 of my fabulous, albeit shady sectionmates.

While intended to be a break from academics, important learnings occurred on our trip: Gallons of consumed rum and laziness increase the willingness to pay for a slice of Sbarro’s pizza to $6 per. slice A contingent of the group diligently researched the nighttime effects of combining young female spring breakers, white cotton, and water. The fact that the House wins more often than not was reconfirmed. (However, special note should be made about a certain newly-elected SA Co-President who found that they had a special skill when it came to the quarter machine – spending an obscene amount of time plotting which quarters would drop off the ledge next.) “Negotiating Rationally” is not a big hit with Bahamian cab drivers. Section I athletic prowess does not translate well to beach volleyball. ADD and relaxing at the beach do not mix.

While there are more stories to be told and details that could be known, I can’t be the one who reveals them. After all, we did promise that: “what happens on the island, stays on the island.”