How Was HBS Memorable for You?

How Was HBS Memorable for You?

The most memorable thing about HBS was the opportunity to be involved in a diverse set of activities with some amazingly talented people. Many people liken the vast number of activities available to choose from at HBS to “drinking from a fire hose” – I would agree but add that it’s much easier to manage when you are with a team of people who bond as friends. To all those who helped me drink from the fire hose, thanks for a great time and I look forward to working with you again in the future!

– Derek Mendez

On the social side, HBS was memorable on account of the proliferation of fancy dress (or costume) parties and the extraordinary effort people went to dress up. It saddens me greatly to think that I might never have another occasion to wear the fabulous wig I wore to the Austin Powers Boat Cruise – Fiona Stoner “Foxy Cleopatra Costume Competition” winner.

It might be funny if you were there.

– Fiona Stoner

Crimson greetings: In one of your first social events, CG demonstrated almost everything that you would encounter throughout the rest of your time at HBS. It was a great ice breaker, helped you to form bonds with others, and more importantly, helped you to start learning about yourself.

Everyday section dynamics: This is more true the first year than the second. being in section forced you to test so many aspects of your personality each day – intelligence, communication skills, sense of humor, and humility. All of these will undoubtedly serve us in the future.

RC Holidazzle ball: Though it wasn’t the first formal of the year, it was the one in which most sections truly bonded. Maybe it was just the fact that it was near the winter break, but the euphoria and sense of community was truly something to behold.

– Charles Vick

HBS showed me how small and interconnected the world truly is. With any action I exert on one part of the global web, I should expect there will be an equal and opposite reaction. HBS also showed me how my efforts can grow exponentially through my impact on others. Adding these two lessons together, I arrive at an understanding that I must be very thoughtful about my actions and the anticipated reactions because everything I do truly has the potential to change the world.

– Rayford Davis

HBS is all about limitless energy and sense of possibility. Life is full of complications and compromises, but the example of students and faculty reminds me that there’s still plenty of room for personal ideals, conviction, and laughs. This is a source of strength that I’ll treasure forever.

– Sam Coxe

HBS was memorable for me because I literally cried when I got in. I remember picking up my mail, seeing the letter, going back to the car, opening the letter, and having tears run down my face. I don’t exactly know why, I was happy, shocked, and relieved all at once. I think I never allowed myself to really believe that coming to a place like HBS was more than a dream until I actually got in.

HBS was memorable for me because I liked almost every single person I met. In just two years I have more good friends that I expect to be in touch with for the rest of my life then in four years of undergrad. My friends are incredible.

HBS was memorable for me because I loved learning here more than any place I have ever been before. I also learned more because I loved it and wanted to learn and found incredible opportunities to learn. Not only did I learn from the cases and the classes but from the teachers, my peers, and the guests about how they live their lives and what they think about.

HBS was memorable for me because I have never seen so much money move so quickly. Cash flow should be described as the movement of cash from HBS students to the world around them. Trips to every exotic location imaginable for the weekend, people eating out 7 nights a week, club’s and lounges 4 nights a week, black tie events galore, and of course the charity auction.

HBS was memorable for me because it felt many times like Disney Land. The grounds were beautiful, everyone was smiling and nice, the facilities were incredible, I played a lot, learned some stuff a long the way too, and by the end of each day I was awfully tired and trying to remember everything that had just happened.

HBS was memorable for me because I am truly proud to be a part of the Harvard community, to be graduating from the Harvard Business School, and to carry the expectations and responsibilities that come with it. It is the starting place to the rest of my life.

– Anonymous