How it Could Have Been

Frantic is the only word that can describe the last few weeks at Kellogg. First years are inundated with recruiting. Most students are sporting the suits that have not emerged from their closets since their offices went casual four years ago. Somehow, the second years since a bit more laid back for some reason…

But, because this is Kellogg, no one is letting a little recruiting get in the way of their good time. So, the parties have been plentiful – we need all the help that we can get to get through this tough Chicago winter! Tuesday night is a favorite local night out, since Wednesday is our day off from classes. Last Tuesday was witness to the debut of Kellogg’s latest student band, Butterass, at the Keg, a favorite local bar. And excitement is building for next Tuesday’s Keg event – The Safety Dance, an homage to the 1980’s!

Last Saturday, students attended the annual Charity Auction Ball, which is one of the largest events on campus every year. Items that were up for auction included interviews with the Global Head of I-banking for Lehman Brothers, the CEO of Sara Lee, and the CEO of Motorola. Students also bid for courtside Bulls seats, the opportunity to operate a heavy-duty Caterpillar, and attend a taping of Oprah. The event took place at Chicago’s illustrious Navy Pier, right on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Speaking of bidding, it is hard to believe, but students have spent the last week bidding on courses for our Spring Quarter. Favorite Finance II professor Michael Petersen went for nearly 1000 points amongst first-years, while second-years vied for their last opportunities for the top-ranked courses at Kellogg: Competitive Strategy with Professor Besanko, Entrepreneurial Finance with Professor Rogers, and Marketing Strategy with Professor Hennessey.

In addition to our continuing search for a new Dean, Kellogg is anticipating another administration change: Elections for our new heads of student government will take place at the end of this week. Two teams are going head-to-head, and they have held several debates to discuss key issues. And, in only a few weeks, we all head off for Spring Break!
We send our best to all of you out there at Harvard…