Holiday Party Checklist

4-6 Weeks Before the Event (i.e., NOW!)
o Scout locations and get prices
o Send an email to the group to try and determine the most convenient date
o Select a theme, if any, for the party
o Send a “save the date” email/Evite so that everyone can mark their calendars
o For the party at your home: purchase decorations

2-3 Weeks Before the Event
o Track your RSVP to get an idea of head count
o Decide on any skits or activities for the event
o Plan the menu
o Nail down your helpers for the night of the event
o Party at your home: Prepare any food that can be frozen, purchase any non-perishable items such as candy, candles, etc.

One Week Before the Event
o Call to confirm the site and give an idea of final headcount
o Make a list of any final “to-do’s”
o Make any purchases for the event
o Delegate responsibilities to your helpers
o Party at your home: Prepare any food that can remain refrigerated, purchase beverages

2-3 Days Before the Event
o Send a reminder email/Evite to guests
o Check in with helpers to make sure they are on board
o Party at your home: Buy any fresh food required, clean the house

The Day of the Event
o Arrive at the site at least an hour early to confirm final details
o Party at your home: prepare last minute food & beverages, start the music
o Do any decorating, sound/music preparation
o Be sure to bring your camera
o Have a pre-party beverage as a reward for you hard work and then relax and have fun!