HBS Working Knowledge Recommends:

Quality Financial Reporting
by Paul Miller and Paul Bahnson
McGraw-Hill, 2002

Remember when financial reporting was boring? Today, your career may be riding on your grasp of it. This book, written by two accounting professors, argues that your reporting should be as transparent for investors as the systems you use with workers, customers, and vendors.

The idea is that by employing high standard financial reporting-reporting that exceeds Generally Accepted Accounting Principles-you’ll gain the trust (and perhaps more resources) from investors and creditors. In addition to a critique of current reporting practices, the authors discuss a number of methods for improvement, including the use of supplemental disclosures and more-than-required reporting. But in the end, “QFR is a mental attitude, not a set of specific practices.”

Knowledge Board
Now Europe has its own knowledge management portal. Developed by the European Management Forum, this site offers the expected portal menu of content: discussion boards organized by topic area; a library of academic reports, case studies, and information for the KM novice; news; online workshops; and resources. But beyond the expected, we’re impressed by the number and quality of contributions found here, thanks to the 2,000-plus members of the two-year-old European Knowledge Management forum.