HBS Women Blades Trounce Our Neighbor Down the River

The HBS Women Blades’ first game of the season started with a big win (3-2) over the MIT women’s team in Bright Arena. Returning second years led the team to victory in the ongoing rivalry between the two schools.
In true Blades tradition, Lexi Brownell (OG), currently on injured reserves, led the ladies in an MLK style speech that “She had a dream” that the Blades would be victorious. Coach Reese brought the Blades team, speckled with rookies, to a great win against MIT. Coach Reese emulated Lexi’s inspirational words yelling things like “Line 3, switch it up” and the all motivating “Watch off-sides!”

Jenny Duval (OB) finessed the first goal of the game on a slick pass-off from Sarah Nelson in the first period. After MIT tied up the score, Sarah Nelson knocked in another goal, putting HBS back in the lead closing out the first period.

Late in the second period with the score now tied 2-2, Arielle Loeb (OF), HBS’s rock star defense-woman was crushed into the boards while diving in for the puck. Despite the excruciating pain of a dislocated collarbone, Loeb still managed to leave the ice with a smile on her way to the emergency room. As rumor has it she gave the folks in the ER the show of their lives when wrenching the Blades jersey from her body, she sported her jog bra for all to see. Loeb is currently recovering and hopes to be back by the end of the season. Get well soon Arielle we miss you!
Inspired by Loeb’s heroism to keep fighting for the puck, Emily Schnitman, on a pass from Alexis Palmer (OC), put the biscuit in the basket with only minutes to spare in the third period to seal the deal and put the Blades up 3-2. At the sound of the last buzzer, the MIT women were sent rowing back down the river until our next heated match up later this season. A special shout out to our ringer of a goalie, Cheri Ruane, who was formidable power in the net.

The veteran Blades were joined by several new pucksters. Shannon Reddy got her feet wet in the first game of her career with a solid performance at left wing. Kelly McKechnie (NE) started the game at wing but stepped up to the challenge of defense after Loeb’s injury.