HBS Valentine's Day Plans

In your opinion, Valentine’s Day is:
54.5% – A marketer’s dream
18.2% – Another day, another case
18.2% – Special time of the year to say “I love you” in a creative way
9.1% – Great opportunity to reveal true feelings . . . and get embarrassed

To get ready for Valentine’s Day, I’ll be:
31.8% – Reserving a table at my favorite bar/restaurant
27.3% – Grocery shopping to cook for that special someone
22.7% – Ordering extra supplies of my HBS card
18.2% – Making sure Domino’s hasn’t changed that number because I’m staying in

Your dream Valentine’s gift is:
36.4% – No cold calls for the rest of the semester
27.3% – Some flowers and candy
18.2% – Red Sox season tickets
18.2% – HBS card strategy pays off

Your dream Valentine is:
45.5% – Already have him or her
31.8% – Experienced, Mature, Full-time job offers, EC’s are where it’s at
22.7% – Section is hell but I’d consider someone from my class
0.0% – Fellow Section-Mate

On Valentine’s Day I will take my date to this location
36.4% – Valentine’s Day is only once a year, do it big – Ritz Carlton
31.8% – Why let my talents go to waste: Home Cooking
22.7% – No one does it better: 33
9.1% – Let’s keep it real: Spangler Cafeteria