HBS Takes Top Three Places in Volleyball Tournament

On Saturday, November 9th, HBS hosted the annual Fall Classic Volleyball Tournament. There was an impressive turnout! Twelve teams from nine business schools (over 100 players) crammed into Shad for the event. HBS fielded three teams, which competed with teams from Wharton, MIT, Dartmouth, Kellogg, Chicago, Stern, Columbia, and Yale for the coveted brass trophy, and most importantly bragging rights for the nest 12 months.

HBS Red went 7-1 in pool play, winning most games easily and splitting games with Chicago. The power-hitting of LeGrand Lewis (OC) and John Sheppard (NI), combined with the inside duo of Laurent Therivel (OA) and Kerry Bryan (Partner) and the jump-serving of Hysam Galal (NJ) were ultimately too much for most teams to handle, with a few games ending in 11-0, or 11-1.

HBS White, led by outside hitters Erik Martel (NJ) and Brad Rodrigues (NG), setter Chad Mayer (NI) and Jennifer Henzel (OI) also won their pool, qualifying for the playoffs with a #1 seed and a 6-2 record.

HBS Blue, led by setters Laura Hontoria (OI) and Peter Platzer (Grad 02), had a tougher road to the playoffs, playing in a competitive pool, but ultimately qualifying for the playoffs with a 5-3 record.

In the playoffs, HBS Blue team played an exceptional game against the strong team from Chicago in the quarterfinals, ultimately prevailing 2-1, and moving on to the semi-finals, where they would face a familiar foe, HBS White. In a very close match that ended 15-12 in the third game, HBS White prevailed and moved for a showdown with HBS Red in the finals.

The game was close, both teams were exhausted, and ultimately the game had to be called at 7:20PM, when Shad had to close while the two teams were tied 11-11 in the first game.

A rematch between HBS Red and HBS White will be scheduled for later this week. Congratulations to all the players!

HBS Blue
Vikram Gupta (OG)
Laura Hontoria (OI) (Co-Captain)
Blandina Kilama (KSG ’03)
Peter Platzer (HBS ’02) (Co-Captain)
Javier Segovia (HBS ’02)
See Yee Lee (NC)
Roberto Siberwasser (OC)
Jose Tolosa (NC)

HBS White
Aleem Choudhry (NC)(Co-Captain)
Andres Fabris (NI)
Jennifer Henzel (OI)
Gisel Hiscock (OD)(Co-Captain)
Erik Martel (NJ)
Chad Mayer (NI)
Brad Rodrigues (NG)
Sarah Strauss (NJ)

Kerry Bryan (Partner) (Co-Captain)
Maggie Cheng (NA)
Alex DeAraujo (OE) (Co-Captain)
Hysam Galal (NJ)
LeGrand Lewis (OC)
Yasu Oba (NJ)
John Sheppard (NI)
Laurent Therivel (OA)