HBS Students Go beyond the Call of Duty

The Student Association was proud to grant the prestigious SA/MBA award to three deserving HBS students. The award is given to students who have excelled in efforts to improve or promote the HBS Community. The students were nominated by either a student, a faculty member or an administrator. All the nominations were collected and selections were made by the Awards Committee, consisting of the Student Association Executive Committee and two representatives from MBA Student Life. In making the decision the Awards Committee took into consideration: Leadership, Initiative, Selfless-Service, Contribution to the Community, and Building Community Connectivity.

The current recipients are:

Heather Fortunati (OH)
Given the importance and popularity of Treks on campus it was surprising that until this year there was no centralized mechanism for their coordination. The students and the administration made a joint effort to put all treks under one umbrella organization. Heather organized many student meetings to gather feedback and disseminate information and she also attended many administrative meetings. She spearheaded the initiative to get the hbstreks.com web site off the ground. Her commitment, enthusiasm and spirit made her an ideal candidate for the SA/MBA award. Everyone who worked with her this year thought highly of her and wanted to share her contributions with the campus.

Annette Mueller (OF)
& Amy Weisenbach (OF)
Annette and Amy were co-captains of the 2003-2004 Career Teams program. This year, under their stewardship, the program grew to a record initial enrollment of over 400 RC students. This growth presented a substantial logistical challenge to Annette and Amy who then recruited over 50 EC team leaders, re-designed the curriculum, wrote an extensively updated edition of the Career Team Leader Guide, successfully ran a matching program of 400 students into over 50 groups based on schedule preference and diversity of background, and co-coordinated events for both participants and leaders. Annette and Amy brought energy, insight and innovation to their roles as co-captains. In the midst of their own academic schedules and job searches, they both worked very long hours to make the program happen. Their leadership and dedication has made the program available to a large percentage of the RC class and the initial feedback is that many of the RC participants found the Career Teams to be extremely valuable.