HBS Retain Volleyball Crown

On Saturday, November 21st, HBS hosted the annual Fall Classic Volleyball Tournament. Ten teams, representing graduate schools from across the country (almost 100 players), crammed into Shad for the event. HBS fielded three teams (Red, White and Blue), which competed with squads from Columbia, Tuck, Kellogg, MIT Sloan, Stern, Harvard Medical / Law Schools, and the Kennedy School of Government, for the coveted brass trophy, and most importantly, bragging rights for the next twelve months.

HBS Red went 7-1 in qualifying play, coming out first in their pool. The powerful outside-hitting trio of Simo Kamppari (NA), Paulo Passoni (ND) and Brad Rodrigues (OG), combined with the intimidating middle-blocking of Shane Igo (NC) and Brian Laegeler (ND), and the experienced setting of Yasu Oba (OJ) overwhelmed most teams. HBS Red’s only loss came when it split a nail-biting, two-game match with the Kennedy School of Government.

The HBS Blue team was lead by the vicious outside hitting of Erik Martel (OJ), Marcos Cordero (NB), Maritza Mrak (NG) and Jeff Dvorett (NC).

Dominant centers Andres Fabris (OI) and Aleem Choudhry (OC) regularly roofed most opponents, and the setting combination of former Georgia Tech star Jennifer Matullo (NF) and Chad “Hands” Mayer (OI) placed balls with perfection. HBS Blue also finished at the top of its pool with a record of 7-1, suffering its only defeat at the hands of HBS White.

HBS White was led by the consistent jump-serving of Hysam Galal (OJ) and the dominating hitting of John Sheppard (OI) and Jose Tolosa (OC).

Blocker Andrew Medvedev (OI) courageously defended the middle of the court with reckless adandon. HBS White also qualified for the playoffs, finishing second in pool play with a 6-2 record.

In the playoff semi-finals, the HBS Blue team beat the Kennedy School of Government in two close, hard-fought matches to advance to the championship finals. Meanwhile, the HBS White team playing with tremendous heart, was eventually outlasted, and succumbed to the hard-hitting HBS Red team That set up an all-HBS final for the second-consecutive year. With strong defense from Maggie Cheng (OA) and aggressive play at the net by Jacquelline Ouellete (NB), HBS Red finally prevailed over HBS Blue to take first-place.
Congratulations to all the players!

HBS RED TEAM: Brad Rodrigues (Captain), Jacqueline Ouellette, Simo Kamppari, Paulo Passoni, Yasu Oba, Shane Igo, Maggie Cheng, Brian Laegeler

HBS BLUE TEAM: Andres Fabris (Captain ), Chad Mayer, Jeff Dvorett, Jennifer Matullo, Marcos Cordero, Erik Martel, Aleem Choudhry, Maritza Mrak

HBS WHITE TEAM: Hysam Galal (Captain), John Sheppard, Jose Tolosa, See Yee Lee, Michael Heckman, Andrew Medvedev, Adi Padva, Tracy Dowling.