HBS Marathon Team: The Last Leg!

With just three weeks to go until the big day, the HBS West End House Marathon Team has entered the final stretch of its fundraising and training efforts.

First the fundraising update: Thank you HBS for an outstanding student turnout at the ENERGY! party held at Atlas on March 1st. While most of you enjoyed your fair share of Red Bull and were vastly entertained with the glow necklaces and whistles, you will be even more pleased to know that we were able to raise $6,300 to contribute to the West End House Club for Boys and Girls in Allston. In addition, we have raised $1,200 through the sale of raffle tickets for the Reebok treadmill. Thanks so much for all of your support and enthusiasm!
If you have not yet contributed and would like to make a donation, there is still time. We’ve got three weeks and a few more thousand dollars to go to reach our target fundraising goal of $12,500. Please visit www.harbus.org/quickpay/marathonteam

to make a donation or buy a raffle ticket. We will be selling raffle tickets for the treadmill (a $1,600 retail value) through March 30th. At $10 per ticket, hmmmm, that means we have only sold about 120 tickets……so your chances to win are pretty darned good. No worries about your tiny SFP or Cambridge apartment, the treadmill folds up for storage. It will also be delivered to the address of your choice at no cost to you. The winner will be drawn on March 30th and announced in the April 2nd edition of the Harbus.

On the training front, the HBS West End House runners have all logged hundreds of thousands of miles (OK not really, but we have run a lot) and all six members of the team – Bill Russell, Erin Thomas, Kate Attea, Beth Ferguson, Kerry Noone and Cyrus Hadidi- are anxiously awaiting the big race day on April 16th. Now, this is not to say that we haven’t experienced our fair share of training difficulties and personal challenges along the way. For instance, Bill, due to his recent knee injury, has transformed himself into a cross training genius. If you happen to see him cycling away at Shad like a mad man, please don’t stare. Simply offer him words of encouragement and move on. Erin, in fulfilling her duties as an intramural rep, has had to endure five hour stints at Shad, which include her official training of running for one hour on the track, followed by four more hours of basketball, squash and soccer. Kate has been struggling to overcome her addiction to Cliff Gel Shots, while Beth Ferguson hardly has time to run at all, now that her full duties of assistant director of the HBS Show have kicked in. Cyrus, the only first year on the team, just returned from spring break in the Caribbean, where we are told he actually ran his 20 miler on a 40-foot boat. Now that’s dedication! Challenges aside, we all know it will be well worth it in the end.