HBS Goes to Hollywood

Film or TV? Music or New Media? Strategic Planning or Creative? These were just some of the questions that 75 HBS students pondered at Hollywood Trek 2002, sponsored by the Entertainment and Media Club on January 6-9.

Whether pursuing general industry knowledge or a summer or full-time position, each student was exposed to leading companies primarily in film, television, music, and new media disciplines. The trek featured companies such as Disney, Fox, Artisan, MTV, NBC, Virgin Records, and Warner Brothers Pictures.

Students had the opportunity to meet with several senior executives from all facets, get management’s perspectives on the latest industry trends, ask topical questions, and, most importantly, network.

“Hollywood Trek has been a good opportunity to meet industry players while learning about the differences between the creative and business sides of the industry. You’ve really got to work this industry hard if you’re going to weasel your way in,” offered Mani Saluja (NB).

The networking was in full force at a cross-discipline “Entertainment Panel,” sponsored by the HBS Alumni Association of Southern California. Over one hundred alums participated in the session, which included a panel discussion comprised of HBS graduates in top management positions at Miramax Television, ABC Cable Networks, Clear Channel, MTV, and the Entertainment Practice at Deloitte Consulting.

The impact was not lost on Andre Martinelli (NJ). “The panel was a true testament to the strength of the HBS alumni network. I was impressed by the panelists’ willingness to field future phone calls and e-mails from current HBS students. I just hope that Billy Campbell [Miramax Television President] is prepared to handle the inevitable deluge.”
Of course, what would a few days in Hollywood be without a little social release? Accordingly, Hollywood Trekkers enjoyed the finest libations, dancing, and live entertainment from top L.A. nightspots as Sky Bar, The Comedy Store, and the Garden of Eden.

In sum, the event proved to be a roaring success as most participants came away with a heightened awareness of the ever-changing industry, a host of good contacts to leverage in this challenging job market, and an enhanced set of friendships among the current HBS student body.