HBS Discusses Events of September 11

On September 28, members of the HBS student body, faculty and staff gathered in Aldrich to talk about the events of September 11.
Held on a Friday aftenoon, the poor attendance (around 60) was likely a result of the timing, not the intensity of opinions on the issue. In times of emotional turmoil and uncertainty, perhaps it was simply the familiar classroom surrounding that made this gathering so unique. A case discussion on a grander scale, the group sought to address the classic HBS question, “What do you do now?”

This time the facts of the case are widely shared feelings of insecurity, helplessness, hurt and sadness.

While the specific sentiments expressed in the session were intended for that audience only, some takeways from the collegial discussion are applicable to all.

First, the quest for answers in these trying times will surely be a long campaign. In the meantime, members of the HBS community can help each other by sharing what knowledge we do have.

Second, now more than ever is a time to draw on the diverse experiences each one of us brings to campus. Everyone grieves in his or her own way – for some a public forum for expression is best, for others maybe just a hug once in a while. Professor Tedlow was excellent as the moderator for a discussion that was emotionally charged.