Harbus Foundation Welcomes New Team

The trustees of the Harbus Foundation recently announced a management team for the organization that is poised to raise its profile on the Harvard Business School campus and expand its operations. Joining student trustees Monica Chi (OC), Prashant Agarwal (OB), and Michael Echenberg (OI), is the new faculty trustee Senior Lecturer, Robert Higgins. Higgins replaces Prof. Paul Marshall, who has been closely associated with the foundation since its inception, and steered the foundation through its formative years. Higgins teaches The Entrepreneurial Manager to RC students and brings with him extensive experience in both private and public sectors. He is Managing General Partner and Founder of Highland Capital Partners, a prominent venture capital firm located in Boston. After graduating from HBS in the 70’s, he spent a number of years working for the Treasury Department, and then nearly a decade managing several foundations in the New York area. Just as the trustees acknowledge Paul Marshall’s immense contributions to the foundation during its developing years, they are also excited that Bob Higgins is extremely enthusiastic in helping take the foundation to the next level.

The Foundation, which gives grants each year of between $3,000 and $10,000 each to between 10 and 15 non-profit organizations in the parts of Boston that surround the school, intends to cast a wider net in its search for grant recipients that meet its funding criteria. It is also considering finding additional sources of funding to supplement the annual contribution of the Harbus News Corporation’s surpluses.
To accomplish these and other goals for expansion, the trustees have redesigned the organization and built a management team for the first time. Andrea Deutsch of OI (VP Events), D-Y Lin of OJ (VP Grant Evaluation), Emily Love of OA (VP Community Relations), Beverly Ross of OD (VP Literacy Initiative), Mitchell Leiman of OF (VP Journalism), and Justin Livengood of OK (VP Education) will be instrumental in redesigning processes and taking the foundation forward.

“We’re very excited about the new team,” said Chi. “They’ve demonstrated a commitment to social enterprise and the enthusiasm to do the difficult work that lies ahead.”