Harbus Foundation Grant Program Off to Great Start

Students comprising this year’s Harbus Foundation met for a fun, informal, get-to-know you dinner this past Tuesday. The Foundation has had an overwhelming response this year from HBS students wanting to become grant evaluators. As a result, the organization has effectively doubled in size-last year, 30 HBS students had the honor of evaluating local nonprofit organizations and determining grant recipients. This year, around 60 students will continue the tradition of grant making at this school.

Trustee Michael Echenberg (OI) started the evening’s festivities with a warm welcome. He introduced the members of the management team, including two key individuals: Bob Higgins, who teaches Entrepreneurial Manager in the Spring and is the Foundation’s faculty trustee, and Ines Cobee, who keeps operations humming in the Harbus Office and is an immense help in keeping the Foundation in tip-top shape. Michael then asked two evaluators from last year to reflect on their experiences. Emily Love (OA) and Mitchell Leiman (OF) shared about the organizations they got to know through the process, as well as the rewarding site visits. Special thanks to Andrea Deutsch (OI) for coordinating a great event!

The Harbus Foundation provides several grants each year, averaging $10,000 each, to local nonprofit organizations undertaking innovative work in the areas of journalism, education, and literacy. Special effort is also underway to link up with the Volunteer Consulting Organization in order to offer organizations both financial and strategic management assistance. The evaluation process will take place throughout Winter term. Stay tuned for further updates.