Greetings from the 2003 News & Campus Affairs Editorial Team!

We are excited to be on board with The Harbus 2003 team and to be charged with bringing dynamic, informative and provocative news to the HBS campus. Many of you have indicated that you would welcome a wider breadth of news coverage at The Harbus, and we look forward to working with you to make increased news coverage at The Harbus a reality.

Our team will focused on two areas – on-campus HBS news and events and off-campus news from the rest of the Harvard University community and beyond it. We highly welcome and encourage anyone who is interested in joining our team to cover these events, regardless of whether you are a first-time or career writer.

Both of us are thrilled at the prospect of bringing to print the richness of the events that take place daily in our community and hope that you join us – as either a loyal reader or an active writer – in this journey!

Ali Ashurov
Adriana Boden