Go to Hell, Experiment with Heaven

We all know the market is bad. There are no jobs out there, and that is a fact, at least for now. Many of us, especially in the EC, entered HBS under the influence of the dotcom era, where each one of us though we had total control over our destinies. After all, this is HBS, and we all worked very hard to get in here. We deserve to control our destiny. Reality is very different today, but we are not. We are the same people, just as good or just as bad as before. That’s why there is no point in worrying, and why, more than ever, we have to take full advantage of the opportunity to be out of the job market for two years and truly enjoy life! After all, half of us will be finished with school in May, so time is ticking.

Last weekend I went to the volcanic island nation of Iceland. This weekend I went to Heaven and Hell.

The Priscilla Ball is the perfect opportunity to stop taking yourself so seriously and have some serious fun. For those of us lucky enough to get hold of a ticket, Priscilla did not disappoint. This year the HBS crowd was forbidden to mingle with the hotel guests, the venue was smaller, the crowd was huge, and the party a success. First and second years partied as hard as it gets, and once again boys and girls outdid themselves with some truly outrageous outfits. It was great to see all the potential rulers of the universe doing very earthly things and letting their instincts take control. Cisco del Valle (OF) stole the show with his nurse outfit, but fat girl Ricardo Suarez (OD) and Miss America Bikini Joan Cheng (OC) raised lots of fake eyelashes too. So did many first years. You should be sorry if you missed Priscilla. There is only one thing I cannot understand. How can women wear high heels? Priscilla was hellish; wicked!

OK, so Priscilla finished and after the after parties it was time to go to Heaven. At 7 am I was supposed to meet my friend Mayya Dabbagh (OB) and skydivingmadman Patrick Jamin (OD). The 3 of us plus another 20 HBS-ers were going to jump of an airplane. Between heaven and us there was only one obstacle, and it was not the alcohol we consumed in hell a few hours before. It was the annoying fog that surrounded the whole region around the jump site, effectively delayingthe adrenaline rush we were looking for that morning. Heaven was postponed.

Back to Boston, it’s 12.45 pm and Mitch Leiman (OF) is waiting for me at Piers Park for the HBS sailing regatta. Mitch was the skipper in our Sonar-Champion of the Sea. I finally made it to East Boston just before departure and got into the boat with Jaynie Randall (NJ), Navin Thukkaram (NK), Amanda Merryman (NK), and Mitch. We did great during the five races, and Mitch managed to keep us out of last place despite the best efforts of the crew. The wannabe sailors then got together for a few drinks at a local joint and headed home.

Enough action in 24 hours? Not quite. Saturday night was Section OF’s Latin Party in the penthouse of Jos‚ Aguerrevere’s building. I couldn’t miss that. After all, I am Latin and OF, so after a shower and a power nap, I got in the car with “Comandante” Pedro Lozada (OF) and Martha Velando (OG), and went straight to Jos‚’s bash. After a few wicked cocktails lots of people discovered they don’t need salsa lessons, and it all went downhill from there. Was this Heaven or Hell? Just in case, I treated it as both.
Have fun, you’re at HBS!