Frogs Reunite

After a week of interviewing and a week of Society and Enterprise, the Frog Pond has come back to life, and we’re still trying to adjust to the second semester. Every day seems to be a three-case day. There’s still that new seating arrangement. It’s hard to call Andrew Hykes just Drew. Two prospective student guests whipped out their laptops and one shouted out incorrect answers in C&S. Where we used to run into Finance Professor Pete Hecht working out in the gym, C&S Professor Pete Coughlan has brought his workouts to us, doing overhead presses in the classroom every time he moves the chalkboards. Professor Paul Marshall, once our mild-mannered Section Chair, has suddenly turned into a cold-calling and hard-answer-pressing Entrepreneurial Management professor. But at least we have each other.

Congrats to Anne Hoecker for earning a role as a dancer in the HBS Show. Condolences to Ex-Ford employee Javier Segovia, who was told he wasn’t going to get the course opening cold call in Finance II, and then got it anyway. Congrats to Ex-Ford employee Raj Sarkar for laying low during this exchange. Thanks to Max Pedro for teaching us about Argentinian penguin populations.

Thanks also to Arielle Loeb and Shanaya Deboo (NE) for setting up a Valentine’s Day luncheon for Sections E and F. The first featured event was an Inter-section dating game with Sormeh Dowlatshahi as the bachelorette choosing from E-Men John Brown, In Seon Hwang, Samir Kaul (who apparently came as a packaged deal with his wife), and Anupam Dalal. After reciting some fine poetry, In Seon emerged the victor. An auction was then held for a dinner date with Ronan McArdle, with the proceeds going to charity. As Ronan strutted his stuff and flexed his muscles from the auction block, Louise Willington outlasted the stiff bidding from Colleen McCaffrey and Wendy Ware to take home the prize.

Here’s looking forward to a fun semester, and hearing soon all about the President’s Day weekend trips.