Frogs Frolic towards Fall

FROM OUR NATION’S CAPITAL: It was another hard summer to be a Washington Intern. Soon after Marijana Kolak started her internship at McKinsey, her apartment building was frequently featured on television. But not due to the presence of Marijana or her fianc‚ Branislav, who had both lived there before Marijana came to HBS. No, the media’s curiosity was piqued by one of Marijana’s neighbors, who had gone missing. So when DC summer residents Jordan Kayloe and Rick Zednik visited Marijana at The Newport, we too wanted to see where Chandra Levy had surfed the net on the morning of her disappearance. A yellow ribbon tied around a tree out front and a missing person flier in the lobby hinted at sudden celebrity. As seasoned paparazzi, we wandered a couple of floors, but were disappointed to find no signs of intrigue. But maybe if you ask her nicely, Marijana will tell you about the four times she was interviewed by DC’s finest.

Also from DC, we learn that not all HBS-ers learned from the dot-com bust and were wise enough to avoid dying industries this summer. Jordan Kayloe reports that the stock price of his employer, US Airways, has fallen 90% from the time of his final interview in March.

FROM THE ROCKIES: Returning from a summer in Utah, David Wright also learned that the benefits associated with working for an airline are a bit overrated. David was traveling back to Boston with his wife, his mother, and his three small daughters. While the five ladies were all flying on paid tickets, David was able to obtain a “buddy pass” from a relative who worked for Delta. Unfortunately David’s relative neglected to mention the dress code all airlines require when traveling on non-revenue tickets. After checking their bags, the Wrights were told by the gate agent that David would not be allowed on the plane in shorts and a t-shirt. And the mad dash to find a collared shirt and long pants.
Our man immediately began scrambling around the Salt Lake City airport, and was able to find a collared shirt of the “Welcome to Utah” variety in a gift shop, at the low, low, price of $58. The Salt Lake airport has not quite upgraded to mall status yet, however, so David was unable to find any pants to buy in the stores.

He returned to the gate in his new shirt, but the gate agent refused to budge on the pants issue. As departure time was fast approaching, David got desperate, started sizing up men with carry-on luggage, and asking if they’d be willing to sell him a pair of their pants. “No.” “No way.” “Are you crazy?” they said. And time was still ticking away.
Finally, David offered $40 to the fifth guy he asked. The man replied that the pants he was wearing had cost $60. David said fine, and was handed a pair of baggy, ripped jeans that were a fcouple sizes too big. He immediately ducked into the bathroom and changed, only to find out that it was too late-he had missed his flight. Delta was able to put him on the next plane though, and he was reunited with his family in Boston, the proud owner of this wonderful story.

FROM THE GREAT WHITE NORTH: Amee Chamde took Michael Shangkuan kayaking with orca whales off the coast of British Columbia. the native New Yorker’s first time camping, and Amee reports that it was great fun. After showing up in Vancouver without a sleeping bag, Mike learned to improvise. He waterproofed his newly acquired sleeping bag with a torn up garbage bag, and conserved water when doing the dishes. Like a good HBS-er he picked up very quickly, and on the last day-when he decided he was tired of being at the back of the kayaking group, he just powered up and left the rest of the group literally in his wake.