Frogs Find Special Purpose

“The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here! I’m somebody now!” Navin R. Johnson’s celebrated words from The Jerk could be heard all across greater Boston, as the new phone books had indeed arrived. And just like in the movie, publishing the new listings of the members of the HBS Class of 2002 has turned each and every RC student into a terrorist target. But instead of being fingered by a sniper, Frogs are receiving threats of a different kind. The Office of Jury Commissioner for the Commonwealth is sending out Summonses for Juror Service, and these attacks have been responsible for many empty seats in the Frog Pond.
Previous Boston resident Margaret Howell had already raised the jury duty bar for Section F, as she sat on a jury just before school started this past summer. She tried an HBS graduate accused of pouring his Starbucks venti coffee on a flight attendant who wouldn’t let him use his Medallion frequent flyer status to pre-board a flight. Despite the fact that the defendant’s actions got Margaret really juiced up about her potential classmates, she and her peers acquitted him. Margaret attributes the outcome to the fact that she hadn’t yet seen Twelve Angry Men.
Attempting to follow in Margaret’s footsteps doing their civic duty so far are Frogs Jenna Fagnan, Jen McAuliffe, David Reinke, Javier Segovia, and Rick Zednik. Craig Robinson and Cisco del Valle have already tried their hand, and were excused after a morning of inactivity. Mitchell Leiman was able to skate after proving he had just served in New York, but out of state residency doesn’t seem to be a viable excuse. Darren Crawford, Sunny Jong-saritwang and Marijana Kolak are trying to explain to the state that they’re not American citizens, but they haven’t convinced anyone of that merits of that argument yet. Marijana has even received but two additional summonses from her prior address in DC!
Congratulations to the following Frogs on their elections as club officers:

o Alex Adler: Vice President of Social Events, European Club
o Claire Broido: Co-President, Sustainable Development Society
o James Cantu: Co-President, Toastmasters
o Jenna Fagnan: Vice President of Speakers, Women’s Student Association
o Demola Gbadegesin: Co-President, Africa Business Club
o Nikki Germany: Co-President, Australia and New Zealand Club, and Co-President, Outdoors Club
o Jonathan Hodgson, Co-President, Volunteer Consulting Organization
o Robin King: Vice President of Client Relations, Volunteer Consulting Organization
o Marijana Kolak: Co-President, European Club
o Craig Robinson: Co-President, African American Student Association
o Jason Sutherland: Co-President, HBS Men’s Blades
o Kris Whalen: Co-President, HBS Men’s Blades
o Sam Wolff: Treasurer, HBS Men’s Blades
The night before the Negotiations final saw a flurry of electronic activity, as the snowstorm induced Cabin fever caused a wave of procrastination. Amidst a debate on the closure of Napster and copyright infringement, we found the following website, which we highly recommend for entertainment value: Record Store