Four Students Recognized by SA for Boosting Community

Congratulations to Brendon Dibella (OD), Kyra Danilchick (OF), Anand Radhakrishnan (OK), and Brad Staats (OB), this semester’s recipients of the SA MBA Award. The award serves to recognize students who have excelled in their efforts to improve or promote the extended HBS community, increase the morale and sense of community at HBS, and encourage other community members to engage in activities that improve or promote the extended HBS community.

Candidates can be nominated by students, faculty, or administrators. The nominations are reviewed by the Awards Committee, which consists of the Student Association Executive Committee and two MBA Program Student and Academic Services Representatives. The Awards Committee selects winners based on how well they demonstrate the qualities of leadership, initiative, selfless service, contribution to the community, and building community connectivity.

Each of this semester’s winners strongly contributed to the community overall. Brendon Dibella was recognized for his efforts coordinating the Armed Forces Alumni Blood Drive, which took place on campus. Brendon worked closely with the Red Cross to organize a drive with the appropriate timing to optimally help them in their challenge of dealing with September 11th and worked with students and volunteers to yield one of the most successful HBS Blood Drives in history.

Kyra Danilchick has been involved with a number of senate committees, including her work with the Student Services Committee, where she championed efforts to increase security on campus and to increase student health services’ flexibility. Kyra is also the chairperson of this year’s Class Day Committee and was instrumental in planning Class Day for the Class of 2001.

After serving as his section’s Education Representative, Anand Radhakrishnan has served as co-chair for the Education Representative Committee. Working with the committee, Anand has coordinated a number of activities to help the new RC Ed Reps get started-including a specialized training session led by second year Ed Reps, creating a quick reference handbook, and serving as a key resource for all Ed Reps.

Brad Staats has also been involved with a number of senate committees-including the Operations Committee, where he led the efforts on the student elections front. For the past two years, Brad has worked to ensure smooth and successful elections-both on the section- and class-wide levels. Brad has served as the student representative to the Academic Committee, headed by MBA Program Chair Carl Kester.
Please congratulate Brendon, Kyra, Anand, and Brad. If you are interested in learning more, or nominating a student for this award, please submit an online nomination by following the link from the SA Web Site at