Foundations Reflections

In our continuing attempt to document the reactions of the Class of 2003 to their new experiences at HBS, we asked the whole class to reflect on its experiences to date. Here are their replies:
On the case method:

Class commentary ranged from highly insightful to very fluffy.

The case method can be an incredibly frustrating yet extremely enriching way to learn.

Case Discussion: “I’d like to add on to what he said…”
On being at HBS…

Wait a second! One of the reasons I came to HBS was to get away from textbooks. Counting Modern Cap, I now have 4 beefy tomes on my shelf.

Boy, is everything expensive here! I am spending way too much money.

HBS is very well set up as a self-sufficient campus. If you actually
are lucky enough to get a dorm room, it is a great place to live.

The reputation for being a lot of work is not undeserved – especially
considering that we are supposed to be in a “introductory” mini-mester.

Everyone here is scary smart.

There is a huge bias in admissions toward the Ivy League and Stanford.Where is the Big Ten?

On foundations…

For me, foundations has been a terrific way to ease back into the hectic semester after many years out of school.

Maybe I will be able to contribute something being from an operational background.

A lot of people are very interested in self-preservation.

If Foundations have been designed to give us a taste of what HBS is then HBS must really be delicious!

I am pleasantly surprised that there’s a very “human” side to the education here.

There’s a strong focus on principles, ethics, responsibility, doing the right thing, etc.